What happened to “Fatherhood” and being both provider and protector to your family? It’s the highest honor a man can have. Sadly, too many men do everything they can to avoid it; running away from both the honor and the responsibility. In far too many communities, absentee dads are the rule and not the exception. In Fatherhood Is the New Rich, Malcolm Allen tackles this provocative issue head-on, shining a bright light on this problem, its causes, and the devastating effect growing up without a dad can have on families and communities. Fatherhood Is the New Rich clearly demonstrates why families need fathers, and why men need to be there for their families. Allen’s book exposes the real costs of men leaving their children. It also examines the enormous benefits to the community provided by the men who stay. Malcolm encourages men to be the solution. It’s simple, but not always easy. It does require a sense of responsibility, courage, endurance, and patience. However, this problem can be solved. Real men must stay and accept their obligations. Are you a real man? Are you brave enough to do this? This book is a roadmap for the men who are man enough to accept this challenge. Do you take the challenge? If so, buy the book. Do it for the family who needs you.