The Poverty Assassin


Poverty: It can come like an assassin in the night! As Americans struggle to recover from a period of tough economic times, too many are left behind. These impoverished people, not only in America but also throughout the world, are victims of the Poverty Assassin. Poverty Assassin by Malcolm Allen is a brutally honest look at the problem of poverty in all its complexity and horror. In this informative book, Allen explains how the Poverty Assassin uses weapons like crime, hunger, disease, and ignorance to wage war on human progress. The Poverty Assassin is a formidable foe. And, he has been at work for centuries. However, there is hope. Within the pages of his book, the reader will also discover ways to combat this remorseless enemy. The Poverty Assassin can be defeated. Now, for the first time, people have the tools to overcome poverty. According to Allen, we have the means to allow every person of every nationality to prosper and find happiness. Poverty Assassin can help the reader understand the real root of the problem we call poverty. And, seeing the problem is always the essential first essential step to solving it. Help the world work to end poverty. Understanding its causes and effects is a significant first step. Read Poverty Assassin by Malcolm Allen and become a part of the effort to destroy this deadly assassin.