Think. Launch. Grow.


A 3-in-1 omnibus for small business success with real life advice, tips, checklists, and actionable steps to make starting and owning a business easy and profitable by the founder of the MyCEO franchise, Malcolm Allen. From conceptualizing your new, possible business to figuring out the paperwork, navigating the legal side, working on your brand, and attracting customers, Think Launch Grow is the quickest and easiest way to take your business from idea to reality. This 3-in-1 business book from MyCEO founder Malcolm Allen walks you through the business owning process from start to finish and answers all of your questions with personal, experienced advice, plus useful tips and checklists. Perfect for first time and experienced business owners alike, you’ll find all the information you need in this practical omnibus: ● Just getting started? Have an idea for a small business but aren’t sure what to do next? Starting a Business covers everything from conceptualizing your new business, answering questions about hiring a lawyer, navigating the paperwork involved with getting a permit or license, finding your customers, hiring your first employees, and more! ● Maybe you already have a business, but are looking for new ways to grow and improve your presence in the market -- then Small Business Marketing is for you! Learn how to build better trust with your customers, create a strong, inviting brand, utilize different types of media and marketing techniques to get your brand and products out into the world, and how to continue to promote your entrepreneurial adventure. ● Then take your business to the next level with Small Business Managing by using the guidelines and principles to running a successful, long lasting business by using real life examples to help you that lead to more informed decisions and an efficient use of your time and resources. An indispensable and practical collection, all three books are packed full of real-life experiences, and detailed examples to steer you through the ins and outs of starting and maintaining your small business. So if you’re whether you're planning, promoting, or operating a small business, Think, Launch, Grow is the book that will be the blueprint to guide you and your business to success!