Active Duty Entrepreneur


For God, Country, and the new American Dream: Entrepreneurship The U.S. Armed Forces provide the best training you can get for starting your own business. Your time serving in the military taught you valuable business skills: discipline, teamwork, and leadership. You even learned to make sound decisions with limited information. Smart business leaders know these skills are critical to business success. Why not put these hard-earned skills to work for yourself instead of someone else? Active Duty CEO by Navy veteran, Malcolm Allen, draws on his long history of success as an entrepreneur to show you exactly how to do just that. Whether you are on active duty, a military spouse, or a retiring lifer, Allen’s definitive book contains the information you need to take the tools drilled into you during your time in the military and launch an exciting career as a successful business owner. Still have doubts? Then you should read The Richest Man in the Military by Malcolm Allen. In this book, Allen explores the long history of military entrepreneurship and how that has grown exponentially in the 21st Century. Today’s veterans have many more tools available to them now than in the past; many tools are available online. Active Duty CEO contains information on these tools, proven business basics, and innovative ideas that can fuel your entrepreneurial aspirations and help you achieve real success. So, take that first step on an exciting journey that can change your life! Buy this fantastic book today.